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IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️

Life is unpredictable. Nothing is guaranteed. You can’t control anything other than your self and how you act and react to what you face. You can have a awesome game plan and one tiny thing happens and messes everything up. You can do all the work to line up your future and something happens and throws you completely off track.

You want a picture perfect wedding, you buy the most beautiful dress, order a delicious cake, invite all your friends and family, rent the greatest venue, have the prettiest decorations then it rains, the preacher gets the flu or a person in your wedding party trips and twist her ankle. You can’t control anything other than how you act and react.

You pay off all your debts, build up a little cushion in saving. Your retirement is looking bright. Then your husband gets sick, a tress fall on your car, or your daughter is in a accident and need your support. You not only have to charge on your credit cards but you also have to get into you savings. You can’t control anything other than how you act and react.

There are a million different examples of how your life could be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. The fact is even when you think you know what’s going to happen in your life you have no idea. You can’t control anything other than yourself and how you act and react.

Uncertainty, confusion, change can rock your world if your not prepared. Start preparing now cause sooner or later the universe is going to test you. Are you rolling with the punches? Going with the flow? Or are you micromanaging life, trying to control things you simply can’t control. Are you depressed from you past, anxious for your future and blind to your here and now present moment?

It’s ok to say I don’t know! Idk how my future is going to pan out, idk where I’m going or what I’m doing! Idk what lies ahead! I simply don’t know, but neither do you. And that’s perfectly fine, natural and to be expected. Don’t get me wrong work towards your goals, climb that ladder to success, make those plans, fill your bucket list and start checking things off one by one. Just understand nothing is set in stone, nothing is guaranteed nothing is permanent.

Start living in the moment, truly savory each and everyday,  live, love, laugh, look for the good in everything, see all the beautiful blessings all around you. Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop getting ahead of yourself. Live your life today. Take life as it comes be thankful, grateful and blessed. Remember you can’t control anything other than yourself and how you act and react to what you face, face it with grace, mercy and love. Find your peace in life within yourself because that’s all you can truly control and the only thing you will ever truly know, the rest…. Idk

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