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She was a dreamer, seen everything and wanted to know all. Curiously young, wild and free.

Laughing, loving, outgoing, happy, wild

No fear, no reservation, no mask. Real.

She lost herself. She seen death, felt neglect, her world was shattered. Trauma, loss, regret, guilt. Slipping, falling, can’t get up. She covered herself in darkness, consumed with bitter resentment. Chased the pain. She became something she wasn’t, simply to feel something other than what she felt. She was mad, mean, always on guard. Screw everyone, everything, screw it all. She tapped out.

She finally rediscovered life and the true meaning of it. She began to see all the many blessings and beautiful things all around her. She slowly and faithfully came out from the darkness. She left the past in the past. Forgave those that hurt her and more importantly forgave herself. She cut out all that didn’t serve her. Toxic friends, condescending family members, the users and abusers. She released herself from all the chains she had around her neck. She was loved, she was excepted, she was able to be her. She finally prioritized herself and started to live her life for her. She is ready to face whatever life brings her. Determined to never lose herself again and to be all she was created to be. Each day she’s open to learn, grow and evolve. She wants to see all this great world has to offer and make beautiful memories to last a lifetime. She is sunshine, strength and love. She is an overcomer, strong, determined, independent, warrior.

She is me, I am her.

Credits to Julia Reymond one of my amazing clients and friend. She gave me this beautiful painting as a gift. The woman in this painting is fearless, strong and determined.

My wish for everyone that I work with, talk to, coach, friends, family or complete strangers. I hope either by my words, actions, writings, sessions etc. that you finally start loving yourself and you too can release the chains around your neck and start living your life fully, and beautifully, in peace and love.

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