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Who do you envy? Who’s your role model?  Who’s the person you look up to the most? Do you long to become like this person on a intellectual scale or become more compassionate like them, do you envy their positivity? Or do you seek power, fame, money? Do you idolize materialistic possessions? Do you wish to have a killer body or beautiful face? A Lamborghini and a mansion? Are your materialistic desires practical or a form of greed, will they help you and be tools to heighten your authenticity or will they just be to showboat your “success “. Dig into your envy a little bit, explore your luster? Determine are your dreams just for show, a boy and his toys or are they to help you grow and become and deliver to the world, to help display the best version of yourself.

Often envy creates jealousy, it dehumanizes the person we look up to and gives us false hopes or causes us to judge ourself unfairly. Having goals and chasing dreams is a great thing but becoming fixated upon materialistic and tangible results can become toxic.You have to find a balance.

We’re all human and we all want to belong but when we give our power to things vs people we are setting ourself up for failure. Don’t focus on the earthly things and sacrifice the soul. As we all are aware skin sags, wrinkles crease, metal rust, wood rots, and materialistic things can be sucked up in a tornado or totally destroyed in a fire. What matters at the end of the day is what’s within. Sure look up to people that have what you want and make it a target for your goals. Understanding it takes hard work to reach and continue pushing. Just don't be blinded by the glare of all the shiny things. Focus on positivity, love, compassion and kindness. Focus on doing things that make you happy not just on having things that make you happy. Don’t become so materialistic that the people in your life become as disposable as last seasons handbag.

Look up to people that talk to your soul, those that lift others up, contributing to the community, that share the same values as you, that have great skills and talents, that push themselves, look up to the people that have overcome excruciating challenges, pushed through diversity, that got knocked down over and over yet continually got back up, look up to those that have every right to hate everyone yet they speak nothing but love and mercy, look up to those that help others, that mentors the underdog, that don’t put them self up on a pedestal or look down from there ivory tower. Look up to the people that provide true substance to the world not just great entertainment.

Again I ask who do you look up to? Your dad because of his strong work ethics? Your 11th grade teacher because of her compassion? Your neighbor that prayed for you and openly shows her faith? Your client that is open minded and loving? Your favorite football player because he never gave up? Yourself because you are an overcomer? Analyze your drive, what is inspiring you and push forward?

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