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Have you ever wiped pancake batter or sticky syrup off the counter with your kitchen sponge notice how what ever you wiped is now inside the sponge? You have to soak up water and wring it out over and over before it’s rinsed out.

We’re all like a sponge if we eat like crap, then we feel like crap. If we’re around a bunch of negative people our outlook becomes dreary, if there’s high stress we absorb and become stressed. If we are constantly listening to sad depressing music it rubs off and sets the mood. If you talk on the phone and it’s always gossip and drama you’ll be full of anger and anxiety.

We naturally match energy’s and absorb what we’re around. You are, in fact, the company you keep and the food you eat. Be mindful to what you allow in your life, around you, in your body. You will slowly become more and more like what you’re exposed to.

If you’re feeling down, frustrated, tired or angry, take a long, good look at what you’re allowing around you. Turn on some high energy feel good music and jam out, go sit in the sunshine, open up the windows, watch a comedy show, play a game with the family, go on a hike or cast your line and catch some fish. Advocate for yourself if youre talking to you friend and all she wants to talk about is everyone else tell her you’d rather not talk about that or simply get off the phone, if you are in a group of people and the energy isn’t right leave. Try drinking more water and less beer, try including salads and fruit with those meats and tatars. The choice is yours. Do you want high energy or low energy. Do you want supportive uplifting relationships or drama and gossip. What are you going to absorb today, what are you going to allow in your life? Soak up all the good and don’t allow room for the sticky, slimy yucky stuff.  Pay attention to what’s going on around you and get rid of or away from anything and everything that isn’t serving you, for the greater good. It’s up to you!

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