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Angel vs Devil

Growing up I remember a scene in many different cartoons where a character is struggling with a decision and a angel is on one shoulder telling them not to do something and the devil on the other shoulder saying to do it. That scene plays its self over and over throughout all of our life. There are two sides to every coin. Different problems and solution in every decision every day. For instance your morning alarm goes off part of you is like “ok time to get up” the other is saying “ it’s ok 10 more minutes”. Each and everything we do in life has a good and a bad direction you can go. You can choose to be positive, optimistic, eager, grateful, excited or driven to do something or you can be negative, anxious, dreadful, disappointed, doubtful or scared . Ultimately the choice is yours and the outcome is in your hands.

When we face something our brains often catastrophize situations. It automatically triggers negative thoughts or makes a huge mountain out of a mole hill. We have to remind ourselves what’s the truth vs what’s a lie. We are constantly playing good cop bad cop in our mind.

Imagine going to the beach a part of you is really excited about going seeing the beauty, riding the waves, playing in the sand, soaking in the sunshine hanging out with the family etc. then the other side we are stressing about if we look dumb in our bathing suits, what if you get in a wreak on the way there, you’ll get sunburned, stung by a jellyfish, what if the kids get dehydrated, oh no ripe currents, a shark attack….it’s our brains job to come up with worst case scenarios and naturally if we listen to those tiny seeds of fear and doubt they grow into a true emotion and can over take. You have to silence those thoughts by simply acknowledging it and trust you’ll be fine with whatever you face. Work through the process of “what if” and be done with it don’t feed it with panic or it can ruin each and every moment you try to do something. Analyze your thoughts with reason. Cause and effects, cancel out the negative “what ifs” with the positive facts.

Back to the beach analogy you’re excited about going to the beach, what if the kids get dehydrated, you’ll give them more water and make them rest in the shade for a little bit, you’ll have fun in the sun so what if someone doesn’t like your bathing suit you’re comfortable and what they think isn’t any of your business that’s a them problem, you’ll enjoy riding the waves but what if a shark attacks, you’ll pay attention to the flags the lifeguards post, not swim too far away and if it happens you’ll punch that bitch in the face and swim away, if you get stung by a jellyfish it’s whatever you packed vinegar to spray on the burns at least you’ll be having fun with your family.

You can’t feed the demons, you have to rationalize your “what ifs” and let them go. You have to choose not to listen to the little devil in your ear talking crap and decide to enjoy life instead. You truly are in charge of your life and how you act and react to what you face. You have the choice to embrace life and all it’s wonders or sit in the corner terrified by the what ifs. Tomorrow is never promised, hell the next minute isn’t even guaranteed so choose to live in the here and now and go ride those damn waves.

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