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Back to the future

My future self

Let’s time travel for a bit. Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Picture every little detail, what will you look like, how will you dress. What will you drive, what will your house look like, what will you be doing. Imagine your hair, your clothes, your job, how much money will you have in the bank, what kind of things will you be doing outside of work. What hobbies will you have in 10 years, friendships and relationships. What things will you have accomplished in these 10 years, what changes have you made. What kind of struggles do you imagine you will face. How will you feel? Imagine every detail. Does your body ache, do you have more wrinkles, are you active? Do you enjoy hiking , swimming or playing pickle ball? Have you retired or finally build that business you always wanted? Are you in love, in a supportive relationship or single? Is life harder or better in the future versus now?

What will life look like 10 years from now?really think about it. Imagine everything. Where will your kids be, how will your relationship be with your spouse and family members be. What kind of struggles and drama do you predict? What will you think about yourself? Will you be disappointed or determined. Looking into the future what things will your future self tell it’s younger self. Will she tell you to stretch more, drink less and take your vitamins? Will she tell you to follow your heart and chase your dreams? Will she tell you to quit that job that’s holding you back and commit to your passion of opening the bakery? Will she tell you to make those phone calls and visit grandma more often because time is limited? Will she tell you to cut out toxic people in your life? Will she tell you to save more? To take those vacations. Will she tell you to play dress up or catch with the kids because they grow so dang fast?

What advice does your future self have to give you? Did you envision yourself happy and whole or did you see doom and gloom?  Based off what you imagined you should now know which direction you need to go. Maybe you should take the advice of your future self. I know if I knew what I know now back then when I was a kid I would of done so many thing differently. I would of laughed more, cared less, made memories, chased my dreams not the dollar, I would of stood up for myself, valued time, took more pictures, read more books, went to college, I wouldn’t of gotten into debt or used credit cards, I would of saved money and been more frugal, and yes I would of stretched more and taken better care of my body.

There are solutions for all your problems or at least things you can do to help you through. The key question is will you do it. Sometimes the struggles we face are completely self inflicted and can be avoided if we stopped or started doing things we did. The answer to it all is you!

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