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Like the ocean tide we rise and fall

We have moments of glory and pride and moments of dismay and discouragement

Like the sun we shine bright at times or darkness of the night falls

We have moments of bliss and moments of just existing

Like the seasons we have hot summer days full of excitement and passion and days of winter full of rest and restoration.

We blossom like the dogwood in spring and shed the old in the fall,

Just like in nature we too live constantly finding the balance. The Ying and yang, the hot and cold, the light and darkness, the rise and fall. You can’t have one without the other.

We gain true wisdom and learn life lessons not just by being told but mostly through trial and error, by walking the walk and learning the hard way. Solid relationships are build on hard times and good times. If you only had fun, only laughed, only made good memories how solid could you really be? If you never had to comfort, support, protect, encourage or lift a loved one up how tight do you think your bond truly are? If you’re trying to build muscles you can not just lift weights all day every day, the stress from the work outs would cause more damage than anything, you have to have the aftercare, the epsom salt baths, the massages, the muscles rub, the rest, it’s a balance. If you’re trying to grow and improve your life be motivated and committed but also have grace and mercy. You can not snap your fingers and expect everything to fall right into place. Your intentions maybe to give 100% of yourself 100% of the time and that’s great just understand your 100% today may only be about 60% of you on your best day and that’s ok. Give yourself grace. Find that balance.

If you’re going through a hard time in life understand it’s just a moment, it too shall pass, the tides will rise, the sun will set, the arms on the clock will continue to tick, you will make it through. In the darkness, in your pain try to find a lesson, try to see your blessings try to go with the flow and stop pushing against the current. Find your balance. Tomorrow is a new day a fresh start. Hold on to hope, don’t give up, one step at a time. You got this!

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