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Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

Have you ever been walking down a path and a beautiful lone flower catch your eye, or driving down the road and noticed how mesmerizing the fall colors are, maybe working in the yard and see a vibrant rainbow. Did you think to your self “Oh it’s just a flower or just a water vapor in the sky”. Chances are NO you felt it’s blessing, you had a moment of gratitude, your stresses paused as you took it all in. God places these things all around us yes it’s just a lone flower living in the forest however it feeds the bees, houses the insects that surround it, it pollinates and makes more beautiful flowers and it’s beauty is for the ones that pass by. It’s a ripple effect.

We are all much like the lone flower in the woods. We are but just a ripple in the great scheme of things. Have you ever looked around and wondered why you are who you are? Why you live the life you live? Have the family you have? We are all linked together and each and everyone of us have a special gift, some are great at listening, some are great talkers, some are quick witted, comical, have a great smile, etc…. We all have a super power in one form or the other that is designed specifically to bless others.

Everyone we cross paths with is there for a reason try to stay mindful of that. Maybe the veteran unloading his groceries needs a hand, maybe the clerk is thinking about hurting herself and your compliment prevents that, maybe the small business owner you just used is able to put food on the table, maybe the kid in your neighborhood has no real role model. When you bless others you too

are blessed. For every action there is a reaction. Each encounter, can and should have purpose. We are not on this earth for ourselves instead everyone we encounter along the way. Don’t let your journey be in vain. Remember the world is such a beautiful place because you’re in it. Let your light shine. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing.


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