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Be brave, bold and beautifully you.

I read a story about a family visiting a alligator farm where they could be up close and personal with the gators and could even hold one. The son held one and then it was his sisters turn, he was trying to convince his sister it’s fun “ come on, just do it” the girl said “no”, the instructor tried to persuade her, he told the girl “Come on do it, girls are supposed to be braver than boys, hold the alligator, show everyone how brave and strong you are.” The girl stood her ground and was not swayed. The mom later told the girl how proud of her she was, she explained holding a gator doesn't make you brave if you’re pressured to do it, that she was brave for staying true to herself, by not allowing them to pressure her into something she didn’t want to do.

Bravery and courage comes in many forms. Sure jumping out of planes, holding gators, and riding the world’s tallest roller coaster all takes bravery but so does standing up to the bully in school, telling your boss no, breaking up with someone not right for you, being “different” then everyone else, speaking your mind, standing up for your beliefs and rights, talking to a stranger, taking chances to follow your dreams.

Your family and friends all have ideas of what’s best for you, they’ll encourage you to chase the American dream. Go to college get married, buy a house, buy a car, have a couple kids and live happily ever after. The world and mainstream media tells you how you should dress, what’s the latest trend, how to cut and style your hair, what size you should wear, what music you should like, who to vote for, job you should seek etc… I’m telling you to follow your gut. Listen to your inner self, embrace who and what you are. Don’t try to fit into a box or be someone or something you are not. Be you, do you and stand your ground in all aspects. Don’t sacrifice yourself for the sake of everyone else, don’t fold and bend to fit into what others want, don’t be afraid of hurting other people’s feelings by saying no, you have to start prioritizing yourself. Be brave, bold and beautifully you!

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