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Be ok with being told no

Put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zones and be willing to be told no over and over.

Be willing to knock on the doors, make the introductions, fill out the application, take the interviews, share your dreams and visions.

Don’t be scared if they can’t see your vision, don’t worry about others opinions, it’s ok if they don’t listen at first. Use the rejection to motivate you to make yourself heard.

You’ll never get that dance if you don’t ask for it. The opportunity of your dream won’t simply fall in your lap, you’ve got to chase it.

Simply wanting something a lot does not manifest it into existence. You have to have action behind the desire. Be brave, be bold and be unstoppable.

You want to be excepted into your dream college apply for the aid, submit your applications, request referrals, write those essays, inquire about the scholarships. Make up your mind on what you want and go get it.

Your dream is to own and operate a bakery learn all the techniques and methods to be the best baker, develop a unique taste and style, start small but don’t settle for mediocre, grow learn and become what you need to succeed and do the dang thing.

You are interested in a special person, put yourself out there, ask to go on dates, build your friendships, take your time getting to know one another be ok if you’re rejected a time or two, they may come around once they see your genuine in your intentions.

If your dream is to build a home, fill out those loan application try numerous of banks, be willing to do the work, save the money, work on your credit and build your dream home.

You are the key to your own success. Nothing can ever stop you if you don’t let it. Sure you’ll encounter challenges along the way, you’ll have things you need to do that maybe hard, but if you set your mind to it you can do it. Don’t be scared to be told no, believe in your vision, chase your dreams, keep your faith, and never quit trying. Go out and make your life all that you want it to be. The answer is within you!

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