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Be someone else’s sunshine today

Have you ever just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, everything and everyone annoyed the crap out of you, the kids where too loud, your spouse was too slow, you hit every red light and got behind people that obviously had no idea where they where going, people at work pushed every button and you felt like pounding your head through the door, you had your mean face on, nothing was going right, then all of the sudden you crossed paths with a sweet elderly couple holding hands and embracing one another or the cashier at the gas station was so friendly that her demeanor completely rubbed off on you and you felt your mean face slowly change to a smile. Like the grinch that stole Christmas your heart grew three sizes, just like that.

There is so much pain in this world between wars, hunger, violence, hate, homelessness, drugs, crime, murder. We have our own personal battles and responsibilities bills, house, kids, spouse, work, pets, cars and self. Then on top of all that we have our soul struggles past traumas, neglect, abuse, and fears. We have a lot of pressure on our shoulders, a lot wearing us down. It’s easy to fall into ruts, to feel like we’re drowning, or spinning out of control.

It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed in moments or get discouraged when things don’t go right. However don’t allow yourself to make a habit of focusing on all that wrong force yourself to look for all that’s right. Look for the cooing little baby, the sweet goofy puppy, the baby deers with their mama, the loving couple laughing and talking, the beautiful sunrises, the awesome mountains, the roaring rivers. Notice the happy kids and the bubbly waitress.

Today even if you have your mean face on try to be someone else’s sunshine, hold a door for the person behind you, happily greet a colleague, compliment a stranger on their outfit. Let that ripple effect start with you. By being and practicing positivity you spread positivity and help to subconsciously focus on the good and not the bad, you rewire your brain. One tiny compliment or a small meaningful conversation can change your entire day and it’s normally not one sided, so today be someone else’s sunshine. Together let’s light up the world with warmed hearts and smiling faces.

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