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Blue jeep

Have you ever bought a new car then all of the sudden you see the same kind of car everywhere. Prior to buying it you never noticed how popular that particular make, model, and trim was. Now that you’ve got one it seems everyone else does too. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about just think Blue jeep, for the next week I want you to try and find as many blue jeeps as you can, you’ll be amazed how many you find. Its crazy how once you start to focus on something, you see it everywhere. That’s called manifestation. I know it sounds a little woo woo but it’s real. If you focus on certain things weather it’s happy, beautiful sunshiny things or it’s sad, depressing and dark things you’ll see them everywhere.

Often we get so wrapped up in life, so focused on running from one obligation to the next we don’t take the time to appreciate all our blessings. We’re on autopilot, just going through the motions, just surviving. We are so focused on how tired or stressed we are we forget why we do what we do or even who we’re doing it all for. We detach, and keep our head down just focused on chasing that dollar, or getting through that semester in college or getting through the toddler years we stop manifesting the good things, we stop being grateful, stop counting our blessing, stop living.

What’s the point of working hard, stretching your self thin, being tired or overwhelmed if you can’t even rep the benefits of your harvest. Why keep your head down and not see all you’re going through the good the bad and the ugly. Chin up buttercup start looking for smiling faces when your sad, look for signs of affection when you’re lonely, look for beauty when you’re in a dark place, look into your babies eyes when your overwhelmed with all your parental duties, be thankful for the house you have when you pay that mortgage, give thanks when your able to put gas in your car, show gratitude for the food you put on the table each night.

We sometimes become entitled when we forget to show appreciation for our good fortune, like we expect good things to just come. Don’t lose sight of how blessed you truly are. Bad thing will happen, hard times will come, you will lose people you love, get sick or hurt, struggle to reach your goals or fall short of the finish line but still you’ll have things to be grateful for. Everyday try and think of things to be thankful for, keep a gratitude journal. Embrace the sun shining on your face, soak in your kids hugs, savor your spouses kisses etc. Manifest beauty, peace, love and thankfulness into your life and you’ll be amazed at how many things you truly have in your life to be grateful for. Think blue Jeeps!

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