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Burn out

Burn out

We all experience burn out at one point or the other. We get tired of doing the same thing over and over. We get broken, we lose our momentum, our fire burns out, no more drive, no more care, we throw in the flag, we give up.

Sometimes it’s in a relationship where you fight constantly, can’t see eye to eye, been hurt or let down one too many times. Sometimes  you just grow and you’re not the same person anymore or you actually see the truth and not blinded by the fantasy of the happily ever after.

You can get burnt out in a job. Maybe it’s not your actual calling, maybe you hate the demand, not enough pay, too much pressure. You get tired of being mistreated or taken advantage of. Maybe the work itself isn’t rewarding anymore. You feel like you could benefit more doing something else.

You see athletes burn out in their sports because the training is too intense or too demanding. The sacrifice is too high. They’re not reaching their goals fast enough. It’s no longer fun maybe they accomplished all they set out for and simply on to the next.

Have you ever been to a theme park and witnessed a ride getting stuck and the riders were suspended upside down. That is burn out. The rider stood in line for hours to ride this thrilling new ride. They were hyped up watching everyone in front of them get on and off. Listening to the screams and laughter. Watching cart after cart fulfill this experience. Then it was their turn. They get in full of eagerness buckle up and start moving on the track they reach the top and see the park from a whole other perspective and they are in aw, they speed down the decline and zig and zag on the ride going through tunnels and loops until…. They come to a dead stop. Suspended upside down, hair hanging pocket’s emptying blood filling their head, fear, anger frustration sets in, this ride is no longer fun. They wait to be rescued the ride finally moves again and they come back down and get off. All that excitement and time getting to this point is now completely ruined. This experience left them with a bad taste in their mouth,  betrayal and trauma they probably will not look at roller coasters the same, that is burn out.

Much like the riders we get stuck in life but that’s part of it. We can choose to push through and make the most out of it, look at it optimistically, or say enough is enough get off and walk away.

We all know what we want in life and most often we are the ones truly holding ourself back. If you’re not happy where you’re at get out of it, want more out of life do it, not satisfied in your job find a new one. Sick of doing the same routine and seeing no results change it up. Try everything you can to make things work, change your mindset, communicate, state your goals and expectations, don’t just give up when things get hard, but be aware if your just going through a phase or if this is how it will always be. Do all you can with all you’ve got. Set boundaries and stay true to yourself.  

We all have one life to live, don’t waste it being miserable do what makes you truly happy don’t get stuck in burnout.


Are you satisfied with your life?



Do you love your job or your daily routine?



What’s holding you back?



Are you burnt out of the same hustle and bustle?


What are 3 things you could do to help make life exciting again?


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