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But did you die?

Have you ever rode in a car with a new driver? You’ve got a death grip on the “ Oh hell” bars, stomping your imaginary brakes, repeatedly saying things like easy, watch it, break, stay in your lane. Your butt is clinched so much the upholstery has became part of you. You fear for your life and everyone around you. When the ride is over it takes a minute for you to catch your breath and slow your heart rate, you’re traumatized. “But did you die” becomes the drivers mantra. If you’ve got kids and made it through the learning permit year… know exactly what I’m talking about.

See life is nothing but constant learning and lessons. You can’t learn to drive in a parked car, can’t learn to sail in calm waters, can’t learn to walk without falling a time or two. We learn by doing. Just being told something doesn’t sink in until we apply it in our life.

Look back through out your life, look at the times you felt defeated and lost?  Look back at your very worst day. Look back at the times when you felt helpless, lost, and hopeless, did you die? No! You didn’t die, you may have felt heartbroken, sad, mad, overwhelmed, traumatized. But you survived you pushed through, you learned to play the hand you where dealt. Life isn’t fair and unfortunately there are a ton of things that’s just simply out of your control. You may have lost a loved one, you couldn’t imagine living without. You may struggle to stay a float, not exactly sure how you’ll put food on the table or a roof over your head. You may have gotten sick and have to get treatments and take medicine. You may have required surgery and a bunch of time off. You may have gotten into a toxic and abusive relationship that you have to flee leaving everything behind and starting completely over.

But did you die!

The fact is you have a 100% survival rate of everything you’ve ever been through this far, so the odds are definitely in your favor. It’s up to you as to what are you going to do with the life you have. Are you going to roll over and quit because you’re scared and don’t want to deal with the hardships or are you going to grab the oh hell bar and ride this thing out.

Things always work themselves out. God places people in your life at the exact right moment and the universe somehow always manages to align after every storm. Every day you live you’re learning. Things may get a little hairy from time to time but you’ll figure out how to strengthen er up eventually. Have faith that everything will work its self out, keep on keeping on and breathe, you’ve got this!

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