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Commercializing the heart

Today is Black Friday, a lot of people are hitting the stores trying to score some major deals, some are just going off with friends and family members as a tradition, nevertheless ‘tis the season of buying gifts.

We want gifts surrounding the tree almost barring it, we want the stockings full and to check everything and everyone off the Christmas list. Many of us max out credit cards, put off paying bills and go into debt just to buy someone something. Why? Why do we do this to ourself every year. Why do we stress about things that really don’t matter.

Do you remember every gift you got as a kid? Can you name the toys you unwrapped every year or how many outfits you got, what was in your stockin ? Chances are you don't remember much and if you do you remember the people, the traditions, the food, music, laughter. You may have one or two big ticket memories of a doll, gaming system bike or phone but that’s about it.

We’ve commercialized Christmas and gift giving. We’ve made it more about image vs from the heart. When was the last time you put together a picture collage, wrote a poem, painted ceramic, made something sentimental for your parents, or got something personalized for your kids.

This year try not to stress about the quantity focus more on quality, don’t spend what you don’t have instead invest in meaningful conversations, making memories, starting traditions, sing songs, cook breakfast, visit nursing homes, volunteer at soup kitchens. Your kids and family members do not need more clothes, more toys, more electronics, they need more you, more love, more laughter, more pictures, more memories give them that!

Stop putting a price tag on your heart, stop selling yourself short. Your love should not be represented by a name brand sweater instead let your love be shown by singing Christmas music to the top of your lungs, or driving around town for hours searching for the best decorated house in your town, give yourself to those you love vs tangible things that will be forgotten about. Love with your heart and not your wallet. ‘‘Tis the season to be merry NOT broke.

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