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Counter the darkness with light

We are often our own worst critics, always shaming and talking down, never praising our amazing attributes instead pointing out every tiny flaw, every shortcoming, every mistake and bad decision. We judge ourselves relentlessly. We are constantly fighting a internal battle our mind tells us we’re not good enough but our heart just wants love. Our heart knows we are good, we are beautiful, we are able, we are deserving, we are loved but our mind tries to squash those positive affirmations with doubt and defeat. Today try to play both sides of your self. When your brain tells you something negative counter it with something positive.


Brain- “ You look dumb, your hair is a hot mess”

Heart- “ my eyes are bright and beautiful “

Brain- “your house is disgusting, you’re so lazy”

Heart- “I’m a amazing mom I love spend time at the park with my babies”

In order to get change you must first change. So start making little adjustments to your way of thinking. You can’t prevent your brain from thinking negatively but you can neutralize the negative effects with positive thoughts. Just counter the darkness with light.

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