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Daily Vows

When you make your marriage vows you’re agreeing to a contract to support and love your spouse until death do you part, richer or poor, through sickness and in health. We form this convent with the person we love the most, the one we want to spend the rest of our life with. Although marriage is great and I value the commitment, it got me thinking what other kind of vows could we make, to have more of a fulfilling life? What about ourself? We in fact are stuck with the good and bad within our own mind, we will spend forever with our own soul. Why not make a commitment to our self. If we woke up each morning with intent to have a great day how could our life change? Start making daily vows and see how you shift your perspective. Start loving yourself and become committed to being the best you you can be.

Today I vow to love myself, every negative thought I have about me I will counter with a compliment. Example~ gosh look at that pimple on your nose that’s hideous, but girl your eyebrows are on point.

I vow that if I get behind a slow driver I will be slow to anger, instead of willing them to drive faster or turn onto a different street, I’ll take that few extra minutes to breath and take in the blessings around me.

Today I vow if I’m approached by a rude client or disrespectful superior I will stand my ground and not allow them to walk on me, respectfully.

I vow to smile and laugh often, I will say no to the things that don’t belong. I have no space in my life for negativity, drama, lies or abuse. I will stand firm in that.

Today I vow to truly see myself, every time I see my reflection I will tell myself 3 positive things. If I catch a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror I’ll tell myself “You are a kind person, a hard worker and a great mama”

I vow to be my own best friend and not my own worst enemy. I will celebrate my accomplishments, praise my good deeds, encourage my talents and skills. I will build myself up so the world can’t break me down.

Today I vow to love. I vow to love myself, my family, my friends, my blessings. I will give thanks and show gratitude for everything I receive throughout the day.

Lastly I vow to be present. I will not slip into the past and consume myself with regret or sadness and I will not stress over the future. I will be present in today. I will jump in, sit back and enjoy the ride. Embracing where this day will take me.

What are your vows for today? What intentions do you have? Our minds are the most powerful tool we carry but can also be the most destructive. If you want change in your life you first must change. Changing the way you think and view things is the most important part of self healing. Life is not always going to be rainbows and sunshine but ….. you can always find good in the bad. If you have a positive outlook on things then things will become positive. Rewire your brain by having daily intentions, make yourself a few vows everyday and watch how rapidly things begin to improve. You’ve got this! Be blessed and be a blessing.

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