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Growing into your most authentic self and living your best life you have to make committed decisions that serve you. You must put yourself first, do things that serve you, be selfish for a change and finally take yourself off the back burner. In this process you’ll piss a lot of people off, people that are energy vampires, that are users, that are “friends” with you solely to benefit them, you’ll stop allowing others to take advantage of you, you’ll no longer be the rug everyone walks on, you will stop settling, careless about what others think and “No” will become your new favorite word. You will search for things that make you happy, have deep conversations that warm your soul, hang out with people that make you feel loved, you will finally start doing things you enjoy, you’ll sign up for dance classes or start painting, go on regular hikes, and pursue a career that you actually want.

Becoming your authentic self means you prioritize yourself and you stop settling. You set your boundaries and stand your ground unapologetically and without explanation. You finally start doing you!

What are some things you can think of right now you need to say no to? What are some hard passes?

*Being involved in a family dispute or drama? Hard pass

*Being friends with people that use you or talk crap about you? Big negative

*Staying in a abusive relationship? Hell No

*Working at a job you dread? No thanks

* Over eating, excessive drinking and unhealthy habits? That doesn’t serve you, hard pass!

Chances are, you are in a point in your life where you’re ready for some serious changes, ultimately nothing can change without change. Start today, say NO to anything that doesn’t serve you, anything that doesn’t help you live your most authentic life, don’t do things if they don’t bring you joy, peace or happiness, let go of anything holding you back, follow your heart, chase your dreams and stop worrying about everyone else it’s time to prioritize YOU!

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