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Don't let the days just go by make them count.

As a young child you have no concept of time. You live each minute in that exact moment. You don’t feel rushed, you don’t feel like your being stretched thin, no where to be, no one to compare to or keep up with. When times are good and your having fun 5 minutes is the same as 5 hours you're blissfully grateful for the memories made. As you get older the bliss runs out you become aware of time and you start feeling the urge to fill the time being around people you love and things you like. You gain more and more responsibilities and add things to your daily checklist. We start developing anxieties and fears, too worried about keeping up with the Jones's. The struggle is all too real. We put such high standards on our self with our earthly desires such as money, power and materialistic items that we start to dull our own light and disappointment sets in. We replace positive thoughts with negative beliefs. We start complaining about everything, when someone ask "How are you?" its answered with a fake "Good how are you?" or it's a "I've been better". Why? Why can't we remain childlike, remain blissfully grateful? Each year you live do you not have more and more blessing to count whether it be your hair finally grew back in after you decide to get a spontaneous hair cut, or you aced you final, you landed a new job, your broke leg is finally healed or you made a new best friend or fell in love. Nevertheless why is it that we choose to let the darkness in. It isn’t until we experience a loss and hardship, or celebrate a birthday, anniversary or holiday that we actually reminisce and count our blessings. We need to keep in mind in everything bad there is something good and everything good there is something bad. How you look at it all is your choice. Happiness is your choice. The reason we all to often think, speak, and live in a haze is because we have formed society into victimizing themself and never being satisfied with anything. If you're fat you want to be skinny, if you're skinny you want to be fat, if you are short you want to be tall, if your hot you want to be cold, etc.....the list can go on and on. We need to reprogram ourself into seeing the blessings in everything, we need to be mindful and truly know we are what we think we are. We need to break the cycle and shine where our light has dimmed. I want to start having more conversations about the good in life and all the beauty surrounding us, I want to build meaningful relationships filled with loving vibes, I want to touch more people's heart and inspire their life, I want to help, motivate, and witness to others. I don't want to be looking back at all the days that's went by that I've wasted on trying to keep up with the Jones's. As we age life speeds up and in a blink of an eye kids are grown loved ones die and precious moments are lost forever. Take that step, form the habit of positive thinking, have faith, let go and let God and lets all really start living our life the way it was intended. Yes we will experience heart ache, we will feel pain and go through our trials of life all of which will only make you stronger and wiser. Choose to smile and count your blessings. Live, Love and Laugh Choose happiness. Don't let the days just go by make them count.

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