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Don’t lose your color

Did you know that a mother flamingo will lose her color while her babies are little and dependent on her. She will literally give all she’s got to her babies, draining herself for their well being.

As a mom, becoming a mom becomes your everything. You're whole reason for living is your babies. We often forget they grow up. We hurt when they hurt, we’re sad when they’re sad. We would die or kill for them without thinking. Our babies are our everything. They are what we focus all our energy on.

Is our house big enough, safe enough, are we stable enough, have enough structure, are we too hard or too soft, do they know how loved they are, are dinners healthy enough, did I push them enough, lecture too much, was I tough enough, are they ready for adulthood? Do they feel safe reaching out to me if they are in need, do they know they can always count on mom and always have a place to call home? Did we build strong enough memories, did I protect them enough from the darkness in this world, did I teach them how to take care of them self. Us mothers worry about all the what if’s. We are constantly walking a fine line of being too much and not enough. Our color drains. Our babies become our everything and remain our everything until the day we die.

Motherhood is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world. We all know about the diaper blow outs, the projectile vomit, the temper tantrum, the sleepless nights, the cutting hair, the handprints and stickers on every surface, we’re prepared for the time outs, grounding and occasional spankings, we know we’ll have to kiss many many booboos along the way, doctor up the skinned knees, and help mend the broken hearts but what baby books don’t tell you, is the hardest part is letting them go.

My baby is graduating next week, his older sister already has so now what? Now who and what am I? Because we pour so much into our kids it leave very little for us to be ourselves. We forget about our own passions, our own hobbies our own life outside of being mom. When our kids grow up and become adults regardless if they go to college or not they no longer need you they way they once did. You can’t protect, or control anything you have to let them go, let them fly and let them figure life out for themselves.

You, little mama, have to figure it out yourself too. If your babies are still little start figuring it out now, don’t wait for them to be grown. Start doing you a little more and more as they grow. Go on dates with your husband, take dance classes, learn how to do pottery or brew beer, sing at karaoke night, write jokes, start a podcast, incorporate margaritas night with the girls every other week, go bowling and enjoy adult time every once in a while. Don’t lose your color. Don’t drain yourself completely. Show your kids how to not only be a great mom but also an individual person with your own talents, dreams and ambitions. One day you’ll have to let them go, our babies are only ours for a brief moment in time, and that time flies in a blink of an eye.

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