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Don’t sugarcoat

Why is everyone so scared to speak their minds? So scared to say what they mean and mean what they say. Why does everybody tiptoe around subjects that are important to them? Would you rather be “nice” and avoid hurting someone’s feelings by speaking your truths or would you rather tuck those feeling up, deep inside and build resentment, more frustrations and anger?

The reason you sugarcoat things and don’t speak your mind is simple, you want that other person to like you. You don’t want to be painted the bad guy in their story. Your ego is too big and you care more about what others think about you than you think about yourself. Listen there’s a time and place from everything I don’t expect you to walk up to a complete stranger and be like “hey I think your dress is ugly” or “wow you’ve got a big nose. “ However if one of your friend ask does this dress make me look fat…. If it does you can politely tell her the truth, that’s what she asking for anyways is it not? If you have been wronged or someone is doing something you don’t agree with, speak your truths. Stand up for what you believe in, say what you mean and mean what you say. Own your feelings, give thought a voice, stop bottling stuff up to spare everyone else at the sake of yourself. Be your own advocate, don’t walk through life being a punching bag, or walked on like a rug. Don’t burn bridges without warning the bridge is even on fire. Lack of communication is one of the biggest issues in any relationship. We don’t address things that bother us, we don’t stand up for ourselves or our beliefs, we take it and take it until we can’t take it anymore, then we’re done and the relationship is over. Stop letting others opinion of you dictate what you allow in your life, stop being closed mouthed to simple postpone a disagreement. Rip off the bandaid and speak you truths.

So what if no one agrees with you, so what if they think you’re a bitch, so what if you are not understood, it is what it is at least you’re not carrying that garbage inside anymore. Be graceful and merciful with the words you speak but speak your words honestly. Don’t intentionally try to hurt someone’s feelings but if the truth hurts that’s their problem not yours. Be an open book when it comes to your emotions and own them no one can fault you on that and if they do, do you really want them in your life to begin with. Remember if it doesn’t bring you joy, happiness or serve a purpose, it’s not for you anyways, that goes for emotions as well. Stop sugarcoating things.

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