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Ebb and Flow

Our entire life is nothing but cycles. We grow, we rest, we struggle, we learn, we recover, we heal, we hurt, we love, we explore, we detach, we push, we chase, we retract, we’re on fire, we’re ice cold.

Our whole life is a constant ebb and flow, give and take,up and down, push and pull. We have to go through the valley to get to the mountain top. Our focus shouldn’t be on not going through the lows, avoiding the pains, solely driven for the highs. Instead we need to focus on how to take the plunge gracefully. How to look for the lesson, how to gain in the loss. We need to focus on getting all we can out of each cycle of life we go through, understand there is something to gain out of even our hardest darkest days.

Have you ever met someone that went through the most unimaginable losses yet they remained humble, they kept their faith, the endured there pain or loss with remarkable grace and love. Often in our unfavorable cycles of life is where we see what we’re truly made of.

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