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Like a total solar eclipse, our hardships of our life cast shadows on our soul. At our core we’re on fire just like the sun. We just want to be happy, be loved, be appreciated, excepted, heard, seen, respected, we want to laugh, make memories and succeed. Sometimes though, things get in our way, things can deem our light, making our world dark. We may feel anxious, scared, fearful. We may feel like this is the end, like we can’t go on, our future is uncertain. Nothing but dark days ahead. All that’s left is a sliver of light, like the ring of fire, you’ve been consumed by heartache, trauma, pain, sadness. However, this too shall pass. Your struggles are only momentarily. Just like the duration of an eclipse the sun will shine again. Use this time in your life to reflect, reboot and realign with all that makes you, you. Tap into your inner child and start doing things that bring you joy. Start loving yourself again, be proud of who you are and all you’ve overcome. Let go of all that isn’t serving you. Cut ties with toxic people, don’t allow others to use and abuse you. Start living your life fully, there are brighter days ahead.

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