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Enjoy the ride

Life is hard a lot of the times. We feel let down, disappointed, helpless, overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated or sad. We put our trust into friendships or relationships that prove to be only temporary although we where planning on forever. We go to college or build a career to later find out it’s not truly our passion. We constantly have to overcome roadblocks and diversity. We try so hard but things never come easy. However everything does indeed always work it’s self out.

I remember when I first got out on my own, my husband and I had two small kids and we where broke. We made enough to barely pay the bills and put food on the table. I drove myself crazy making list. I’d have a shopping list with only our needs budgeted to the pennies, I had paycheck minus bills, minus living, minus birthdays, Christmas, etc. I felt hopeless and consumed with all the what ifs, what if the kids got hurt, what if the car broke down, what if one of us got sick and couldn’t work, we’d lose everything or I couldn’t buy dinner etc. looking back now that struggle taught me I didn’t want to live like that much longer, it gave us drive to get a higher paying jobs, work for ourselves and let go of what we couldn’t control. I couldn’t stand up to the universe and demand a different life, I couldn’t time travel or rewind my life and make better decisions, I couldn’t do anything other then do the best I could with what we had and enjoy the ride. I found that it always worked it’s way out. Still to this day I struggle financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally from time to time however I tend to go with the flow a lot more then I use to.

Look back at all your struggles, your hardships, the things you’d stay awake thinking about, did they kill you? Was the outcome as catastrophic as your mind envisioned? Did you overcome that hurdle? Chances are yes, yes you did. Often we spin our tires in the same pothole over and over in life until we figure out what we’re doing and grow, learn, strengthen to get ourselves out. For example~ you constantly struggle with money…..why? Do you spend carelessly, live above your means, not save for dark days? There is always a cause and effect and until you’re honest with yourself and learn, you’ll continue to get trapped in that same nasty mud hole.

The point to our hardships is not to inflict pain or make us miserable, it’s to teach us lessons, help us grow, mold us into who and what we’re supposed to be. You’ve got to embrace life and all it throws you, do the best with what you’ve got, don’t get a victim mentality and hold yourself accountable. Improve where you can and trust it will always work its self out.

When we fight with friends or are betrayed by lovers, brush it off again life is molding you into who your supposes to be. If you lose a job or get passed up for an opportunity realize when one door closes another will open, when you are trying to make something happen and it’s just not working out no matter what you do maybe that something isn’t for you.

Life is not happening TO you it’s happening FOR you. So roll with the punches, ride the waves, you got this!  You can’t control anyone or anything other than how you act and react to what you face. Learn to trust in yourself and the universe and things will always work themself out

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