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Comfort, convenience, and readily available resources have gave us all a since of entitlement, ungratefulness and selfishness. Generations before, use to have to harvest their own crops, hunt their own meat, sow their own clothes, they had to collect water from rivers and boil to drink, bath in ponds and relieve themself in a outhouse. When was the last time you where grateful for a well or city water that gave you running water? Cars that got you from point a to b? Cell phones you could communicate in real time? Grocery stores that have everything you need. When was the last time you where aware and appreciated having hospitals, doctors and medicine just a phone call away? We as humans have evolved greatly, times have changed and resources are abundant but we’ve forgotten how we got where we are, we forget all the land we have overtaken with huge apartment complexes and subdivisions, the oil sucked from the ground for the gas, the truckers that deliver all our goods, the service men and women that protect and serve, the sewage department that manages our crap, the trash companies that haul off our waste, all the warehouse workers that manufacture our goods.

I’ve got a assignment for you this week, hopefully implanting a seed of gratefulness that will carry on. This week be mindful of all your blessing, all your conveniences, all your resources you have at your disposal, give thanks to God, the universe, the earth, all the people it takes to have what you have. Every time you shower, brush your teeth or use the bathroom give thanks, look at all the food in your cabinets, pantry and fridge, look at the clothes and shoes in your dresser and closet, look at your odometer and all the miles you cover, look at your technology iPad, tv, phone and radio and understand the communication and entertainment hasn’t always been there. Set your mind to focus on all you’ve got and appreciate it. Stop wasting energy on all the things you don’t have or that you want and be mindful of what’s in front of you. Then think how you can contribute donate some your canned food to a food bank, give your old clothes to a missionary, plant a tree, try to upcycle furniture instead of sending to the landfill. Limit your waste eat leftovers instead of throwing away, walk, bike or carpool instead of driving. Just be mindful, grateful and blessed, you’ll be amazed when you actually step back and look at the big picture.

Remember all could be lost by a house fire, tornado, hurricane. Not too long ago the Covid pandemic effected our supply chain toilet paper, milk, meat and baby formula was all hard to come by. What we have today could be lost tomorrow, you are not promised or entitled to anything. Stay humble my friends.

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