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Everything works itself out.

Look back throughout your life. Look at all your high stressed moments, look back on your toughest days, all the tears you cried. The loss of a loved one, a horrible accident, a ended relationship, family drama, lost job, divorce, sickness, starting over. Look back at your darkest days.

How many of them did you survive? How many did you get through? How many did you overcome?

100%, every single one of them! You can and will get through everything you face. Your track record is top notch, your success level is amazing. Keep your head up. Whatever challenges you’re facing today may be gone tomorrow. This too shall pass.

Sure some of the things you went through changed you. You may of lost a piece of yourself along the way, you may still struggle with the pain, let it out and look at how much you’ve grown, look at the wisdom you’ve gained,  look at all you’ve overcame.

You will continue to face hardships and struggle in life however you will also constantly be blessed and have things to be grateful for. Life is all about balance where there’s bad there is also good. Look for the good, focus on how things always work them self out, and believe you got this!

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