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Not too often do I have gaps in my day that’s not filled with work, kids or responsibilities so when I do I try and take advantage of it. Today I had a gap so I decided to take the top off my Jeep and hit the parkway and reflect on life.

As I sit on top of the mountain I take it all in, I breathe in the cool crisp air, soak in the sunshine, watch the bees buzzing, the birds soaring and watch the trees sway in the wind. It’s gorgeous. How incredibly blessed we are to live on such a extraordinary planet. Earth is 4.5 billion years old that’s insane think about all the changes it’s seen, all the animals and people that’s walked it’s surface, the dinosaurs, cavemen, Egyptians, Jesus!

It’s amazing looking out as far as I can see and all I see are trees on the mountains and the big beautiful sky. Air and opportunity! Whatever road we choose or path we take we are still part of all this!

It’s amazing to think about how long this planet has existed and how long humans have lived. What’s more amazing is that my soul was placed in this body, in this day and age, in this location, with my family and friends, it inspires me that I’m me and not you for a reason. I’m living my life where I am for a purpose and that the people in my life need me and I need them on this journey called life.

We all have a purpose. We all have strengths, ideas and things that can contribute to others. Our stories, our lessons, our hearts are all different and can help make this world a better place. Just like our planet we have different eras of our life, different phases we go through but we evolve. Look at earth there are mountains where it use to be the ocean floor and oceans where it use to be land. Rivers cut through the soil and form waterfalls, wind makes canyons in the desert. It’s called evolution. Nature adapts to survive same as us.

Everything good or bad molds us for the next phase of our life. Our strengths and weaknesses help in our transition into those phases.

What we deem as good and what’s bad is all speculative. Meaning when I say my strengths are I’m direct, hard working and family oriented I speculate that’s good, where you may think being direct is rude, hard working means my priorities are backwards and family oriented may mean I’m not open minded. I say my weaknesses are I don’t think before I speak, I’m impulsive and too emotional you my find beauty in my flaws you my wish you could speak your mind freely, wasn’t so strict on yourself and wish you could feel comfortable enough to actually cry.

I know as a life coach it’s kind of crazy to say this but….. what if we embraced our weaknesses, what if we shown compassion in our flaws. What if we realized sometimes what we deemed as weak was actually a strength. If we embrace what we deem as bad in ourself, if the moment comes that we actually want to change or grow maybe we can do so with ease because we looked at our flaws with love. If you truly analyze your weaknesses you can discover why you use them or how they may benefit others. For example you are soft spoken you wish you could be more confident yet people are more comfortable speaking to you because you are not threatening. You may see your adhd as a disability but others my envy your energy…. All I’m saying is embrace your strengths and weakness. Don’t think you’re broken and need to be fixed all the time. If you are not satisfied with things in your life and you want to work on them by all mean do so but don’t beat yourself up. You are in the process of evolving.

The earth has flaws the ground quakes, the rivers flood, the mud slides but it continues to spin, constantly changing, adapting and evolving. What I deem as flawed maybe natures way of growing and surviving this era.

It’s evolution.

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