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It’s amazing how everyday of our life how much faith we put into everything and everyone else yet we have no faith in our own self, even though our own actions and reactions are the only thing we have 100% control of.

We don’t run around screaming the sky is falling or anchor ourself down because we have faith the world will continue to spin and create gravity. We aren’t terrified that the earths plates are going to shift and the ground is going to shake and open up, swallowing us whole. We have faith in the cooks at the restaurant that the food is cooked properly and won’t make us sick. We have faith the pharmacist actually gave us the right pills and we won’t overdose on a drug we where prescribed, we have faith in the doctor when she tells us about her findings at our check up, we have faith in the people driving pass us on the road that they’ll stay in their own lane or that they aren’t drunk or under any influences, we have faith that the stores will have stock of all our essentials, or that first responders we come if we have a emergency, we have faith that what teachers teach in school is the actual the truth, we have faith in a God we’ve never actually seen.

Why can we trust, believe in and have faith in complete strangers yet doubts ourself. Why can we trust that everything we use, touch or walk on won’t break, fault, or crumble the minute we touch it? If we really analyzed all we blindly had faith in and doubted it, we’d drive ourself mad. Why can’t you have faith in your own being the only thing in your life you actually have power over, the only thing you can control, the only thing you’re in charge of? We don’t have faith in ourselves because we believe lies we where told growing up, we’ve became our own worst enemy, the only thing standing in our way of true confidence, living our dream, finding happiness and being all were meant to be, is ourself! You’ve gotta have faith. Throw out all the lies you’ve been told and the lies you told yourself. Let go of your fears that’s holding you back. Believe you’re completely capable and able to do anything you set your mind to. Stop looking for all your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. You are in control of your own life. You can choose to be happy and create the life you actually want or you can choose to remain curled up in the corner terrified the sky’s going to fall, you’re the one in control of that, it up to you.

Have faith in yourself, you got this

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