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Fall is in the air

As I sit outside in my chair enjoying the crisp cool 55 degree fall morning air, wrapped in my plush robe sipping my coffee I’m refreshed, relaxed and excited about the season change. I’m excited the temperatures are lowering, the leafs are about to change and fall is near, it’s football and fire pit season. In just a couple months we’ll have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Finishing 2023 out and approaching a new year. Time flys and no matter if your ready or not cold days are coming, family gatherings are near, gift exchange are inevitable, traveling is essential, ‘tis the season. It’s time to get ahead of the holiday blues, start planning, start saving and get ahead of the game.

Spend the next couple of weeks going through all your stuff, get rid of the old unused, unneeded unwanted items laying around your home, clean out your pantry donate can food you don’t want to the food bank, take clothes you don’t wear to the shelters, clean and organize your linen closet, knock down the cobwebs, wash the blinds, clean the baseboards, detail your car and set the bar for the rest of the year. Get ahead of it all to avoid the panic of last minute shopping, or starting the new year off in debt and broke, you know the time is coming don’t be surprised when it gets here.

Fall is the end of the year’s harvest, the leafs that fall blanket the ground and the roots to protect against the cold, the animals are fattening up readying themselves for winter so should we, soon we’ll be isolated indoors, weather preventing a bunch of outdoor activities, cold weather inducing viruses and sickness. Take your vitamins, stock up on wood, batteries, food and enjoy this beautiful transition between seasons.

This is what life is all about, seasons, phases, moment that pass us by, we go into both bad times and good times often without warning. We get caught in the currents of life sometimes we take a beating on the rocks in our path, sometimes we’re lucky to keep out head above the water, sometimes we drowned before we resurface and sometimes it’s smooth sailing and a pleasant relaxing ride, we just go with the flow. You know your about to get wet the choice is yours of how prepared your going to be going into it. Are you going to wear a life jacket or wet suit? Or go in all yolo and just hope for the best.

Remember the the 6ps “Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance”

Get your fall cleaning done. One room at a time, one area of your life at a time. Cut out the clutter, stop hoarding clothes you don’t wear, stop your unhealthy habits, cut out toxic people in your life, quit holding yourself back and start living your best life. It’s time to harvest and prepare for winter. Get r done!

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