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Fallen Tree

I had a pretty cool thought this morning. I was driving down a dirt road with the forest surrounding me, I noticed all the trees that have fell and now littered the ground. It made me sad that they are dead and just left to rot. Then it dawned on me it’s the cycle of life and actually a beautiful thing. The tree may have weathered a million different storms, just started living and seeing life from new heights before being struck down by one bolt of lightning, may have succumbed by disease or its roots where simply not rooted deep enough nevertheless it fell however it opened up the canopy to allow sunlight in to feed the trees still standing around, as it decays it will provide food for the animals, it will add nutrients to the soil, and make room for a new tree to sprout and grow. The tree left a imprint in the forest.

With Christmas approaching many of us are saddened by the fact our loved ones are no longer here on this earth with us. We fear death. We fear losing loved ones. We mourn and grief and look at death in a negative view when in fact death is beautiful and unfortunately inevitable. We all go through life and weather the storms we face, life beats us up and breaks our limbs, the wind strip off our leaves, we get different diseases and illnesses, lightning strikes us down, and some times we are just born with faulty roots. We are the same as the trees in the forest.

When we fall it’s not in vain we will provide nutrients to those that knew us, we will leave memories for others to grow and learn from, our journey will add light into the darkness, we will allow room for new life to live or even the ones left standing to get stronger.

We should not fear death or focus our energy on when we die instead we need to focus on LIVING. We need to make our imprint in the forest count. We need to make sure we stand strong and tall, be loving, be compassionate, kind, understanding, open, and live in the moment. Be positive and embrace the sunshine and the rain alike.

Remember depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future and happiness is living in the present. Choose to be happy. Your perception is your reality.

Be blessed and be a blessing

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