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Feed your soul

Feed your soul

We focus so much on feeding the needs, wants and desires of everyone around us. We want to help everyone else out of their own problems, making sure they feel loved and appreciated. We dress and carry ourself to be socially acceptable. We play sports and go to college because it’s what our parents like. We worship and believe in what everyone else does because that’s what we’ve been taught to do, never questioned if it’s truly what we believe ourself. Our lifestyle, job, who we marry we just want to make those we love proud. It’s almost like we lie dormant begging for permission but never asking, can I just be me? Would you love me, if I where truly me? The most unique, original and authentic version of me, would I still be accepted in my little circle, or do I still need to follow suit to “ fit it”.

The biggest question though is, are you happy with you? Are you prioritizing you? Are you doing things that make you happy? Are you feeding your soul? Are you healing and helping yourself? Or, are you simply living your life vicariously for everyone else. Are you chasing your dreams? Reaching your goals? Pursuing your passions? Or, are you still just going through the motions to get approval from a outside source. Is your drive not on genuine happiness but rather trying to get that pat on the back from daddy, the that a girl from mom, the praise from your siblings or the honor from your spouse. Who are you living your life for? If the answer is not you, well darling you’ve got some work to do.

Start today by making a point to do one thing the feeds your soul! Yours, not anyone else’s, do something simply for you. Give yourself permission to take one moment out of each day to embrace your authenticity. Go hike, ride a bike, enroll in a dance class, paint some pottery, do yoga by a river, shoot your gun, go fishing, write a new song and sing it to the top of your lungs, go visit a museum, go thrift store shopping, explore old cemeteries, ride a horse, take pictures of old barns and beautiful trees, sit on a bench in town and people watch, try a new restaurant…. Do anything you want at least once daily, prioritize yourself once and for all.

You’re soul is starving, hungry and depleted, go feed it before it withers away. Don’t worry about anyone else, the old saying is true, if they mind than they don’t matter, if the matter they won’t mind. It’s time to start living your life for you!

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