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Feeling Block

I’m a writer, sometimes I get writers block. I have all these words and things I want to say but I can’t get them to come out right. I will start writing something, reread it and delete over and over. I can’t find the words to what I’m feeling, or explain what is going through my head. It makes perfect sense in my mind and it’s definitely a real thought and something I want to share but I have no way of expressing it or putting it into black and white.

Often our feelings are the same way, we feel strongly about something but we don’t really know why, how or what it is. We wake up in a bad mood, we feel overwhelmed, tired and just simply don’t want to deal with whatever the day may bring. Nothing happened to make you feel this way you just do. You can’t express or explain you just are. Feelings are feelings regardless of where it came from you’re feeling it.

When we have a emotional block what’s important is to simply go through it, you don’t have to have answers, you can allow your self to feel the feeling as it comes, show yourself grace and table the cause and effect for later days, after this feeling passes. Once it passes and your able to look at it from a different angle then you can access and try to get to the root of it and find the words you need to express yourself.

Knowing why you feel a certain way especially if it’s a negative feeling could potentially help address things that need attention. You may be feeling grumpy, frustrated and wore out and it maybe because you’ve neglected yourself, you’ve been too busy working and taking care of everyone else. You need a moment to yourself and some downtime. Giving yourself permission to simply feel your feelings instead of suppress them.

It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. Where there’s action there’s reaction and sometimes we’re not always aware, that’s ok for the moment. If you don’t want to continue having the same feeling then it’s time to explore the cause and effect until then allow yourself to simply feel your feelings. Sit in them, truely feel them, journal about them, get them out, don't shove them down or bury them. Feel them!

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