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Follow your heart

Have you ever tried to do something or be someone for someone else. Stayed in a relationship you no longer wanted simply so you didn’t hurt the other person. Did you stay at a job that dimmed your light only because you really liked the boss. Did you play sports growing up that your heart wasn’t in the game just to make your parents happy. Did you go to college and major in something everyone else thought you would be good at, knowing it wasn’t for you.

How did it turn out for you? It probably sucked, it probably made you resentful, put a bad taste in your mouth. It probably ended badly. Your heart wasn’t in it.

We have to start being true to ourselves. We have to go where our heart leads us. We have to start living our own life. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not. Don’t do what others want and put yourself on the back burner. Follow your heart, learn to say no, stop sacrificing yourself for everyone else. You have one life to live, live it doing what you love. Don’t worry about pleasing others if your not pleasing yourself.

You can be and do anything you believe you can, go out and do it! If you want to write books, write them. If you want to create art, create it. If you want to start your own business, start it. Want to enter into body competitions, do the damn thing. No one and nothing has power over you if you don’t allow it. Give yourself permission to chase your dreams, to follow your heart, to shine your light and to live YOUR most authentic life! Making sure your heart is in it 100%.

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