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Four wheel drive

We work all day every day, constantly driving around on fumes, the gas lights flashing, yet we still have many miles to cover, our day is not done. Each payday goes to pay someone else. Our pockets are always empty. Prices keep going up, we’re taxed to no end, the debt collectors are calling. The working class are enslaved to the system, the system that’s corrupt, that lies, that want to keep the poor man poor so they continue to have the power, they don’t give a shit about We the People.   They encourage credit, it’s the American way, buy a car, a house, your clothes, food and groceries on your credit card. The interest rates are high but the monthly bill is low. It’s never ending.

Wars are being fought all around this world, ones that aren’t broadcasted on the news, ones no one wants to talk about, we sweep them under the rug. You’ve got 80 and 90 year old people coming out of retirement to bag your groceries because they can’t afford a loaf of bread off their pension and social security, you have single mothers working hard to make ends meet yet because she actually works there’s no assistance for her, you’ve got people that have insurance and still can’t afford $900 a month diabetes medicine yet Narcan and methadone are free and passed out like candy.

We are divided. Everyone wants to be right. It’s a tug of war and no one is winning. Fighting over our religion, our sexual orientation, our ethnicity, who’s been wronged the most, we’re fighting over pronouns, our political beliefs, and who’s debts need to be forgiven. People lining the street throwing trash yet screaming about clean air, businesses are being robbed in broad daylight, kids can’t go to school or go bowling without worrying about being shot at. Everyone has there heads down feeding their addiction to their phones. Sex trafficking is a multibillion dollar industry, homelessness is the biggest pandemic affecting even the rural communities, suicide is at a all time high yet people can’t get a appointment to even seek help and if they do issues aren’t addressed pills are just prescribed and out the door you go see ya next month.

It’s time to finally dig ourselves out of this rut we’re in. You can’t singlehandedly change the world but you can change what you allow in your world, you can choose not to pick sides and contribute to the division, you can choose to unplug from all the mainstream media, turn off the news, go take a hike, learn to garden, become more self sufficient, love one another. The bills will always be there but remember you can’t take it with you when you go, do the best you can with what you’ve got and have faith everything will work out. You can consume less and contribute more, you can lift your head and interact with your neighbors, you can choose to be happy and not stress over the things you can’t control.

Life is a lot like four wheeling you may get bogged down, hung up on a rock, your tires maybe slipping. You’ve got to get traction, put it into four wheel drive and skinny pedal your way out. Sometimes getting stuck is the funnest part and makes the best memories so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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