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Free as a Bird

Decompression Sessions, Life Coaching with Crystal

Have you ever woke up around 5:30-6ish and went and sat outside drinking your morning coffee. If not you really should especially during the summer. It’s amazing how alive all the bird are all sorts of different songs are being sung. It’s like the bird slept all night tuck away in the branches and as the sunlight started to lighten the dark sky they all were excited to be given a new day. They were singing it’s praises. Announcing to all the others “hot damn here I am”. They fly around branch to branch chirping and searching for breakfast for their babies and themself.

Maybe we should try and be more like the morning birds. Happy to be alive, to be given a new day, singing its praises, celebrating our friends and life it’s self. Collecting and doing what we need to survive. Free from worry, free from stress, free from envy, judgment, grudges, gossip, free from guilt, sadness, anger just free. They are happy and free as a bird.

We as humans have that choice to live life peacefully and perfectly positive if we want. We simply have to train our brains to see the light even in the darkness. When we face hard times try to look at it as just that look, a time in your life nothing more. That hard time will pass, allow yourself the opportunity to feel its pain, learn from its lesson, grow from it and then let it go. Don’t take a moment in your life and allow it to be played on repeat in your mind and throughout your life. Don’t hold on to something that takes up space. Live it, go through it and be done with it.

Be free as a bird.

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