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Free Yourself

We can come from a great family, have a awesome support group, a good job, higher education, plenty of money, good health, be fit and in shape, have many skills and talents yet still believe the lies that run on repeat in our own mind. We can be depressed or full of anxiety, doubt, self hatred, low self esteem, and loneliness. It’s up to us to get ourself out of the endless spiral. To discover our worth, see our strengths, believe in our ability, love and respect our self, and block out the negative our mind will feed us. The biggest step in escaping your prison is realizing it’s a prison to begin with, to acknowledge the lies you tell and to start doing something about it. No one can rescue you from you other than you. Without change, nothing changes. Small, tiny, little baby steps are still steps and will help get the ball rolling. You are the key to that locked door inside your mind. Set your self free.

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