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Friday night lights

Tail gates parties, students section, cheerleaders, marching band, national anthem, team colors, concession stands food, hype songs, chants, mascots, and football players it’s Friday night lights. Watching the players give it their all on the turf, defending the line, making the throws, running the plays, blocking, hitting, tackling and scoring. You celebrate each yard your team gains, you grieve the losses, you’re angered by bad calls, you’re anxious with hard hits. You see the determination, the hard work, the heart and drive in each of the players. You’re a true fan. Win or lose that’s your team. Are you ready for some football!

The game of football is like life. You get knocked down but you get up again, you take the hits always keeping your eye on the ball. Things are going to happen in life that’s going to hurt, it’s going to rock your world you’ve got to be determined and get back up. You keep pushing, finding holes to get past the line and gain control, stay focused and remember how far you’ve came how much you’ve grown and how bad you want it. Hard work pays off, you learn from your losses and your wins drive you. Sometimes you get bad calls but the game must goes on, just like in life bad things may happen you can choose to go sit on the sidelines thinking everyone and everything is against you or you can look at it as just another obstacle you’ll overcome. Teamwork is dream work, if your line is tight nothing can get through, by having a awesome support system of family and friends in your corner you’ll be victorious at anything you decide you want to go after. Confidence is key, you can achieve anything you believe you can. Live life like your playing football, tackle your problems, block your fears, defend off the opponents, stand your ground, keep your eye on your goal, and get your points whenever you can. Let’s go!

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