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Give credit where credit is due

Live your life with open eyes and a loving heart and all will be well. We struggle from time to time, hardship will come, tragedy will strike. We will be overwhelmed and exhausted from time to time. If you focus on all the bad then all the bad is exactly what you’ll see. Train your mind to see, feel and address every situation good and bad and do what you need to do to take care of things but don’t let the thing’s consume you. Then focus on all that you have instead of what you don’t have. Focus on your home and house, your family and friends, be thankful for your mind and voice, grateful for your health and strength. Give thanks to even the smallest details of your day. Be thankful for the electricity powering your home, the running water, the comfy bed and warm clothes. Count your tooth brush, comb, deodorant and cozy bathrobe as a blessing. Show gratitude towards the job you have that pays the bills and puts food on the table. Even in your darkest storm there are things to be thankful for so make sure you give credit where credit is due.

Imagine your thoughts are like a bowl of apple, if you have one bad apple in the bowl all the others will rot rapidly, you have to act quickly and remove the bad apple to be able to salvage the rest. Just like our thoughts, like attracts like. If you dread each and every day or work, you’ll be miserable, every customer will annoy you, every colleague will piss you off, you will hate your job and most likely be fired or quit, the problem is if you don’t change your mind set the same will happen at your next job. Toss out those bad apples ~ those bad thought out of your mind.

Change how you look at the world, your life, your situation. Focus on the good don’t dwell on the bad. If you get annoyed by your spouse then remind yourself why you love him, if you dread your job then be mindful of all your job provides you with, if you’re overwhelmed by being so busy show gratitude for your active and healthy children. Counter your negative feelings with thankful thoughts . Don’t let one bad apple ruin your day.

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