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Good things take time

If you throw some water yeast and grapes into a bottle do you have wine immediately? What if you mix some flour, yeast, sugar and some water do you have some hot steaming rolls? Ok what about some hops, water, sugar and yeast do you instantly have beer? That’s all a big negative, they all have to ferment or cook to become something great.

Good things take time.

You can’t just think of a business idea and come up with a name and consider it successful. You can’t just buy a bunch of work out clothes and go to the gym once and think you’re a Olympic power lifter? Just putting on a ring and saying I do doesn’t automatically make a happy marriage.

Good things take time.

Often things get ugly before they get better. Look at when you make scrambled eggs you take a perfectly good egg, crack it, beat the crap out of it then cook it, voila. It’s just like a solid friendship often at the beginning, you’re friends but surface level, more just acquaintances, it isn’t until you go through hardship, pain or struggles, that you truly bond and connect.

Good things take time.

Finding our authentic self is no different. We don’t discover our passion, or purpose until we experience life. We find our voice and backbone once we’re up against the wall, we develop compassion and empathy by seeing pain first hand and understanding how it feels, we don’t truly love until we understand lose. We age like fine wine. Look back in your awkward teen years trying to find yourself you played sports you had no business playing, you went through your emo, jock, preppy , country phases, different style clothes, different kind of music, all the many different hair colors and cuts until you started figuring out what you actually liked and what you didnt. You had stupid arguments or dealt with unacceptable behavior just trying to fit in and belong. As we get older and closer to our true self we tolerate much less, we go through fewer phases because we are beginning to know who we are. It’s beautiful when we begin to know our worth, stand up for what we believe in and do what truly makes us happy.

But good thing take time.

We have to ferment, bake, build, constantly grow. Be patient, be resilient, be open. Don’t stop pushing as soon as the hunger pains hit, or you muscle become sore, don’t give up when you don’t see immediate results, don’t quit reaching for your dream just because you got a couple no’s or someone didn’t see your vision. Believe in yourself, keep climbing, keep pushing, just keep swimming. You will eventually get to where you want and beyond.

Just remember good things take time.

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