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Happy New You Year

A little fun fact January was named after the Greek God Janus. He was the God of gates, the God of doors, the God of change, transitions. Janus had two faces one looking back one looking forward. He looked in the past and the future. He represented the middle ground between both concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death beginning/end, war/peace, young/old. Don’t you find it interesting we celebrate a new year by looking into the past and hopeful for the future all while being in the present.

As we come into this new year, you maybe looking back at all you’ve overcome or struggles you endured and hope this year will be different than last. You may reminisce about events that made a lasting impact on your life or moments you cherish. You may be inspired to better yourself and set resolutions, you may vow to call your grandma more often or go to the gym regularly and eat better throughout the day.

We need to be like Janus in order to live our best life. What old wounds do you still carry around with you? What past trauma have you endured ? Do you think healing from those past experiences could benefit your present and future self? Do you still hear the naysayers from your childhood whispering negativity in you mind? Do you have beliefs that no longer serve you? What about your future? Do you have goals, dreams or aspirations? If so what are you doing in this moment that’s going to bring you closer to reaching them goals? Or does your future look grim? If so what can you change, heal, let go of to avoid that future.

Let this new year inspire, awaken, and motivate you. Let this be the year of healing, cutting out the things and people that don’t serve you, say no to anything that doesn’t belong. This will be your year of transition, change and growth. Set the bar high, jack up the energy level. Be accountable and set boundaries. Live this year fully, love wholeheartedly and belly laugh often. Make memories and reach goals. Forgive yourself and embrace your uniqueness. Chase your dreams and follow your heart and above all let this year be the year you love yourself, all of you the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Your the common ground of the old you and the new you. Happy New You Year!

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