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Harmoniously Alive

As you grow, discover your worth, and start to love yourself. You begin to see the beauty all around you. You’re filled with good energy, positive thoughts and begin to rediscover all the blessings you’ve been gifted. You are awakened and harmoniously alive. You no longer stress about things that are not yours, you stop trying to control things you can not, you no longer compare yourself to other or care what they think about you. You’re finally able to love yourself, you’re finally authentically you. You know your strength and weaknesses, you embrace challenges and try to find the lesson. You march to your own beat, you know your truths. When you do the work of self healing you stop settling, you no longer allow people to walk on you or take advantage of you. You’re free of the chains that have held you down all your life.

Once you break away from your pain, when you scrap out all the corruption of the naysayers, you face your demons, you no longer believe all the crap you’ve been told, and you realize your worth, miraculously all of the sudden it will feel like a million pound are taken off your shoulders. You can stand tall with your head up, your goals become reachable and you’re eager to chase your dreams. You’ll begin to see things more clearly, trust your intuition and grow closer to spirit. You’ll laugh more, sleep better, be excited to face a new day. Your life will fall into a happy cadence, you’ll stop procrastinating, you’ll find your rhythm and you’ll enjoy the small things once again. You’ll be content in silence, find peace in being alone and your mind will no longer be a place you try to escape you’ll feel at home.

When you finally start to heal you will break toxic habit, you’ll no longer feel the need to self medicate or drink you sorrows away, you’ll cut ties with narcissistic people, you’ll stand up for yourself and not allow people to abuse you. You will stop apologizing for things you are not sorry for, you will no longer justify your actions to gain approval, you will simply live your life to the fullest. You will have hard days and bad things will happen, but because you’ve done the work you’ll face whatever comes your way and not allow it to effect you as you once did. You will build yourself up so the world can’t break you down. You will finally realize you can’t control anything outside of yourself and how you act and react to all you face. You are Harmoniously Alive

and awakened.

Do you struggle with stress? Are you overwhelmed with life? Do you doubt yourself on the daily? Do you struggle with deep soul fatigue? Are you tired of being sick and tired? Do you want to feel alive and free? If so, it may just be the perfect time to have a decompression session with me, call me, private message me or shoot me a email I’d love to help.

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