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Hatred Corrodes the Soul

Have you ever seen a rusty car? Typically it starts in a small cut in the paint or a dent. The rust corrodes more and more if you don’t cut it out and patch and repair that spot. Before long the whole wheel well is rusted up, spreading into the truck bed, side panel, then door. If you don’t do anything about it, it will continue to get worse and eventually make it to the frame, ultimately making the vehicle unusable and usable.

Hatred is rust to our soul.

There may come a point in your life that someone has hurt you in ways that are unforgivable. You may have been tortured for years in high school by a bully, abused by a spouse, attacked by a parent, betrayed by a “ friend”. Someone may have done horrible things to someone you love, or hurt a innocent person. You may have witnessed a person do something that you want absolutely nothing to do with. You may not only dislike this person but actually hate them, that hate consumes you. Every time you think about that person you’re reminded of all the things they ever said or done, you’re triggered by their voice, laugh, smell, different songs or places may take you back to those hard times or that one moment and you immediately get a bitter taste in your mouth, you may be forced to be in this person’s presence and it either makes you draw inward and scared or it makes you protective and have violent thoughts.

Ask yourself what good does hating someone do for you? Does hate make you stronger and wiser? Does hate take away your pain? Does hate serve a purpose?  Does hate protect you from further harm? Will hate help you grow or change your life in a positive manner? Then why are you carrying it around?

Hate has absolutely no place in your life, heart or soul. It does nothing good for anyone. Hate corrodes your soul, it hurts the hater more than it hurts the hated.

If someone has wronged you cut them out of your life, set yourself free. Change the wording in you mind from “ I hate him” or “she’s a horrible person” to “He has no power over me anymore” or “ She has no place in my life “. You do not have to forgive or even forget what others have done but you do have to let it go and take your power back for your own sake. You have to stand firm in the past is the past, you over came, you survived, you got through and from this point on your only going forward, living in the present.

If your forced to be around them due to kids or family, work etc. again take your power back. You don’t have to like them to be civil. You don’t have to smile or have long conversations just simple hi and bye. Once you take your power back you can stop being consumed by the hate.

You have to get the rust out first, in order to repair and keep on trucking!

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