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Im heartbroken by the amount of people that are homeless sleeping in the streets. The mentally ill and drug addicted sons and daughters that’s lost hope. The war’s being fought around the world. I’m heartbroken by all the corrupt politicians that lead our country. The neglected and orphaned children. I’m heartbroken by the destruction of all our land. The animals are starving and pushed out of the woods all in the name of greed. I’m heartbroken by the lack of substance in our daily lives. I’m heartbroken about all the mass shootings, the kidnapped and trafficked baby’s. I’m heartbroken for all the division and separation in the human race, the violence and anger that feeds so many souls, I’m heartbroken.

We turn off the news, out of sight out of mind. You can’t believe what they say anyways, everyone seems to have hidden agendas. We pass the roadkill on the road without even a second thought, we turn our heads to the panhandler, in disgust. We pay no attention to the wars being fought, it’s not our problem. We never look at the wall of missing children, try to memorize their faces just in case we cross paths, what’s the point there’s so many. We drive by car wrecks or people in distress and never think of offering help. We’ve all became desensitized, detached, self consumed, distracted we never even look up from our phones to see what’s going on. Marriages fail, bankruptcy is common, kids are committing suicide, people are destroying family businesses, attacking random strangers for fun, police officers are quitting because they get no support. What’s this world came to?

We the land of the free home of the brave are slowly becoming the land of the selfish, faithless, hopeless. I as a singular person can’t change the world or even address half of all our problems, I can’t consume myself in all the worldly struggles, the wars, the violence, the pain but I can see it, I can talk about it, I can spread hope. I can plant tiny mustard seeds everywhere I go through my love, compassion, empathy and my own testimony. The things we go through and witness should not be in vain. We need to stop sweeping it under the rug, we need to become the change we want to see, we need to realize we’re all connected in the big scheme of things. If my neighbors house is on fire and the wind blows just right mine easily could be engulfed, if kids are being abducted in the city mine could be in the country. You don’t cut off your whole leg if you have a infected toe. Our world is infected by many different things become the antibiotic it needs. Open your eyes, talk to people, stand up for what you believe, be compassionate, humble and kind. We the people are the problem and the solution. Be that tiny mustard seed

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