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Have you ever had a case of hiccups? I remember being told when I was a kid, hiccups mean you’re growing. I’m not sure exactly what causes them. Nevertheless they’re a strange anomaly that just happens from time to time. They’re annoying and you can’t get rid of them, they make things a little awkward, you try to talk and every other word is interrupted with a dang hiccup, you can’t focus on anything completely cause you’re too busy trying to focus on controlling your hiccups, they always come on at inappropriate and inconvenient times, in the middle of a date, during a important conversation, in a meeting, when your trying to sleep. Just whenever, they’re unpredictable, unexpected and unfortunately completely out of your control.

Just like life, problems arise, you’ll run into “hiccups” along the way. You’ll have a great plan on how to reach your goals, you’ll be working hard on yourself and be doing everything you can to make the most out of your life.

You’ll work hard to pay off debt and build credit then hiccup the IRS wants more money or your insurance premium increases and the “extra” money goes right back into someone else’s pocket.

You’ll be excited to go on a much deserved date with your husband then hiccup the babysitter gets the flu and your plans are cancelled.

You’ll be doing great at your job, just earned a promotion your future is looking good then hiccup the plant announces they are selling and laying 90% of employees off.

I can go on and on about life’s hiccups but you get the point. You can’t control anything other than how you act and react to the hand you’ve been dealt so you’ve got to learn to just go with it. Focus on all the things that you have versus on what you don’t have, focus on the good not the bad.

When you get hiccups, it means you’re growing, embrace them. As unfavorably as they are, they do serve a purpose, we may never know why things happen, or why things have to be so hard. Just be mindful everything you go through in life is a opportunity to grow, learn and develop into a better version of you. Try to find the silver lining and stop trying to control things you simply can’t control. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. You’ve got a case of the hiccups? It’s ok this too shall pass. Smile and carry on.

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