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Hourglass Analogy

Think about an hourglass, each and every sand particle falls into the section below until the time is up. When you’re playing a game and using the hourglass timer to time your turn it seems to go by fast however when you’re anxiously awaiting your turn the sand seems to to slow down. Yet the time is constantly the same. The only difference is how your analyzing the time you have.

Each and every one of our life is like a hourglass. Filled with tiny memories, some regrets, some tears, a bunch of smiles, opportunities, stories, secrets, love, betrayal, struggle and success. It’s filled with love, passion, purpose, some gratitude and grudges, jealousy and spite. We don’t seem to pay much attention to our hourglass of life until it’s starting to get close to empty, when our time is almost up. We  forget tomorrow is never promised. We push off calling a loved one, connecting with our friends, building memories and embracing one another….. we’ll do it tomorrow, next week, next month, will get better with it next year. We put it off and put it off. Yet when tomorrow doesn’t come we’re devastated, we’re full of guilt, should of, would of, but didn’t. We beat ourself up by wishing we would of been more involved, more connected…. More.

Let this be your reminder time flys make the most out of everyday tomorrow may never come and things can happen in a blink of an eye. Babies grow up, loved ones get sick, accidents happen, houses burn down, people move away, jobs are lost, we grow old. We are living in a hourglass with the exception we have no idea when our time will be up. Make each day count be excited to be alive, make memories with your babies, bake cookies with your grandma, call your girlfriend and catch up on each others life, go on dates with your husband, take food over to your elderly neighbor, go explore this big old world with all your favorite people, dance, sing celebrate life. Don’t wait to show affection at a loved one’s deathbed, or only call and catch up with a friend when she’s getting ready to move away, don’t wait til your kids are off to college to want to know about there day. Do it now.

The absolute most valuable gift you have and can receive is time. Unfortunately when time passes it can never be returned. Time can’t be borrowed, stolen or bought so be wise with the time you have don’t waste it on petty drama, pointless grudges, or childish arguments. Don’t spend your valuable time consumed in meaningless nonsense get off your phones, get off the couch, put down the bottle, turn off the tv and start making the most out of each and every moment you have left. This is your moment to make the most out of your time on this earth, make it count.

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