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How much fight is in you?

Have you ever met someone that always gets what they want, things seem to just always works out for them, they excelling in all they want and fulfilling their dreams and goals. Do you know why or how they are able to do all they do? It’s because they demand it, they don’t stop, a no doesn’t scary them it inspires them, they don’t give up, or quit, they never settle, they fight for themself, they go out and do the damn thing.

Do you end friendships with people you care about with the first disagreement or argument? Or do you fight for it , do you try to resolve the tension and make peace? Have you ever been terminated from a job that you enjoyed and needed? Did you go out easy, grab your stuff and leave or did you try to reason with the supervisor, asked to be moved to a different department where your skills are needed, offer to work on yourself to be better suited for the company, or offer to work more hours? Have you ever tried to sale stuff or promote your business? Did you simply ask “you want to buy this” be told no and end the conversation or did you do a whole sales spill telling them all the reasons they need your product or services, did you offer discounts or special deals? Are you scared to ask for what you want? Are you uncomfortable in a seat on a plane, do you ask to switch with another passenger or did you suffer through? Don’t like a table you’re set at at a restaurant do you ask to move or just sit down. Need to be in and out at a doctors appointment do you ask the receptionist to try to get you in faster or just sit anxiously in the lobby? Want the tshirt on display but none are in stock do you ask for the one on the mannequin or walk away empty handed? If you played sports where you content with sitting on the sidelines or where you constantly in the coaches ear saying put me in? Do you know that a restaurant makes a certain dish you want however it’s no longer on the menu do you ask the server if they can make it or do you just select something else? Do you have a dream no one else can visualize do you chase it regardless or do you settle with a normal 9-5? Did your spouse ask for a separation that you did not want did you cave and give it to him or did you fight for your marriage go to therapy , work on self, try to do better?

Do you fight for what you want? Do you fight for your relationships, do you fight for deals, do you negotiate prices, do you put yourself out there, or do you back down way too fast, give up when the going gets tough? There is no such thing as a dumb question? Ask them. People can’t read your mind you have to ask for what you want? You have to fight for yourself and all that matters to you. You can not be so quick to just give up. Don’t settle, don’t be afraid to ask, don’t give up on you. Ultimately things work out for those that work them out, ones that demand things, that don’t back down that don’t settle. I’m not saying to be rude or ugly I’m simply saying be clear about what you want need and intent. Own your feelings and needs. Be confident in what you do and determined to see it through. Who will ever stand up for you or fight for you if you don’t? Stop caving and rolling over go out and get what’s yours….. respectfully of course

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