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If the shoe was on the other foot

I try to see both sides of every story and try to understand the reasoning behind what’s going on. I often think to myself if it where me I’d do X Y Z….. what I’ve finally realized after many disappointing moments in my life is that the other person is not me and the saying if the shoe was on the other foot is bull shit, because the other foot is not yours and you cant control how someone else is going to act or react to things in life. If you spend all your energy on trying to manage other people’s energy’s you will burn yourself out. Just focus on you and how you show up in this world. Don’t put expectations on anyone and they can’t let you down. You can have nonnegotiable stipulations in your relationships that set boundaries for what you will and will not except such as you will not except any form of abuse, lying or betrayal however you will except if someone lacks ambition, doesn’t communicate well or has phases of detachment. You don’t have to understand why someone feels or acts to accept them for who they are. If you want someone in your life accept them with no expectations, doing so will give you freedom to love unconditionally. Don’t worry about the other persons shoes when your own laces are knotted.

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