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We’re like a snowflake, a grain of sand, a sunrise. There may be 7 billion of us but none of us are the same. We all think, look, and love differently. We have different opinions, beliefs, feelings and thoughts. What drives me and pushes me is different then what may you. We can be brought up and raised the exact same as our siblings but grow up and go opposite directions in life. Based off how you think, your interpretation of an experience may be totally different from what others may take from the situation.

Imagine a disaster a tornado or flash flood. A entire town destroyed. Zero fatalities but everything has to be completely rebuilt. Some come out of it feeling completely awakened, restored and spared. They’ll feel unbelievably blessed that their still alive. Their faith in God, the universe and humanity heightened because they seen the mercy. To them the sun will shine brighter, they will hug a little longer and tighter, they’ve been humbled. Others my develop ptsd and anytime a rain cloud forms their hand may begin to shake, they may fall into a deep depression and feel beyond lost since all their earthly possessions were destroyed. They may feel alone and vulnerable. They feel the world is against them. Others may feel guilt like they didn’t do enough. They weren’t ready, they could of prevented this somehow. They feel ashamed they couldn’t help their family and friends more during this difficult time and their new focus will become how to prepare better for next time.

In todays world we have too many platforms to stand on and debate our differences. Why? Why try to persuade others to be or believe as you. Why try to tell others how they should live, believe, parent, love etc. Yes, please share your own testimony and inspire others, you can tell them what works for you or if asked by all means give your opinions however society has become a battlefield of righteousness. Meaning regardless of if you’re asked or needed, you immediately give your two cents. It’s like we talk just to hear ourself talk no intentions just simply diarrhea of the mouth. Many are aggressive and forceful with their words. For what? Clout? Likes? Shares? Are you building a colt or are you rallying up a frontline to protest. Then why, force your stuff on others?

With taste of food, music, art, fashion it’s all based off individuality. Different strokes for different folks. People are attracted to different things. We believe and worship differently. We parent and love differently. We are passionate about different things. We are different and that’s ok. Try to refrain from shoving yourself onto others. Just be you, do you and let others do the same. Individuality is a good thing, embrace our differences and accept one another as they are.

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