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I heard a saying the other day and it got me thinking. “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” it’s so true. When I’m stressed out or life is going a bit berserk, when I can’t control anything else I tend to over eat, I will indulge in a bunch of junk food knowing it’s not the best choice yet fulfilling the urge to at least control one aspect of my life. I know I’ll have to deal with the consequences later but for right now I indulge.

Most of us will do this in some form or fashion when we’re stressed, depressed or overwhelmed. Some people will stop eating when life becomes a bit much, some will drink, some will pick fights and say hurtful things, some will busy themselves with overworking, some will gamble, want sex, or completely detach from others. It’s a coping mechanism.

We don’t even think about how our actions, brief as they maybe, the long term effects. We tend to indulge, to binge, to be gluttonous, always needing the control, always wanting more, chasing the dopamine rush.

You may indulge in the latest and greatest gossip around town, you may indulge in some heavy drinking or pill popping, you may indulge in picking a heated fight with your partner, or indulge in working a extra 20hrs overtime. Nevertheless your indulgence is simply you trying to feel something other than what your feeling. Yet without realizing you’re just simply suppressing your negative feelings and covering it with another. Either way your going to carry it around with you long after your sugar rush dies out. You not only have your normal life issues but now you have 10 extra pound to lose, or a dui to deal with. You’re overwhelmed but you just added drama with your mama to the mix, or neglected responsibilities to work all that overtime you now have to catch up on.

Remember, A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Next time you’re trying to feel something other than what your feeling make sure it’s positive. When your down and out lean on your friends, go on a hike, have craft day with your babies, go clean out your closet, work in the garden, take a long hot bath. Indulging in something positive is something you wouldn’t mind staying with you forever.

Pick your battles wisely, don’t make things harder on yourself. If you’re going through a hard time, remember it’s but a brief phase in your life and this too shall pass.

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