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We all have insecurities. Most have been instilled deep down in our brain at a early age or as a response to trauma in our past. We learn to cope by putting the blame on ourself or by planting little lies in our psyche.  We deflate the facts and truth with casting blame onto other things, that’s not really reality. 

       A kid that struggles in school maybe told they are dumb preventing them from getting the help they need setting them further back, where in fact the kid was actually absent a lot because a parent was battling a illness. A boy is in theater and not sports and kids called him gay when in fact he’s not just very artistic and talented. The school bully is mean to other kids because he gets the same at home. You may be from a loveless home making you search for love in all the wrong places. The list can go on and on.

You may have things about yourself that you can not change that makes you different, making you insecure. You maybe really tall making you feel huge compared to other women. You may have pale skin you hate. Curly hair, big nose, crooked teeth, moles, have to wear glasses, deep accent, small frame, knobby knees, flat chest, a lot of curves, freckles etc.. you feel like your flaws are the only thing anyone ever sees when they see you, the truth is most don’t and if they do then you don’t need them in your life to begin with.

        We have to address our own flaws and if we don’t like them then change them, if you can’t change them then learn to embrace them. We attract what we put out into the world. Like attracts like. If you come from abuse or have trauma that feeds your insecurities then face them head on get out of the victim mindset and be a survivor, a overcomer, own your shit, do not continue to do what’s been done to you be the change you want to see, stop lying to yourself or letting others label you as something you are not. 

You are enough. You are smart enough to learn anything you want, pretty enough to be loved, strong enough to get through any road block you face, determined enough to do all it takes to reach your goals, you are enough!!! 

Stop making excuses on treating people badly, stop settling for less, stop enabling yourself for more pain, own your actions. You and only you are in charge of your reactions and actions to what you face. Choose to love yourself and be authentically you. Those that mind don’t matter, those that matter don’t mind, it’s time to not give a shit about what others think just as long as you love and except you. Choose to be happy and grow. Choose to let the past go and learn from it and possibly help others along the way. Choose to be and do better. Get off your ass and put in the work of loving you. Do not feed your demons terminate them. The power is in your hands. Do all you can with all you got and the rest will fall into place. Accountability is bliss. Make your life everything you want and desire. 

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